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CVM, Inc. was originally founded and incorporated in 1980 as Switek Design by Bob Switek, CVM’s president, to provide mechanical engineering consulting services to the chemical processing industry. Throughout the 80’s, Switek Design earned a strong reputation for thorough and creative analysis, design and implementation on many different projects, primarily at Clorox’s Research and Development facility in Pleasanton, CA. This work included projects in high-speed packaging machinery, chemical processing, foods processing and packaging, fluids and heat transfer, consumer package design and manufacturing, and plant construction management.

In 1990, Bob developed and marketed a high speed machine for the frozen food industry to slice broccoli into spears, a difficult cut, done only manually up to that time. The name of the company was changed to California Vegetable Machinery, Inc. (CVM). The success of this machine and other factors led CVM to begin designing and building custom machinery for other industries as well. In 1992, the first full time employees joined the team, the first shop equipment was purchased and shop space acquired.

The focus of CVM shifted away from the frozen foods industry and toward support of local Research and Development facilities, including Clorox and Hexcel Corporation. Since that time, CVM has expanded at a steady pace adding customers, employees, equipment and space regularly each year.

CVM Today

The customer base expanded into a variety of industries, including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive
  • Government
  • Semiconductor

Project types also expanded to include:

  • Laboratory automation (Now a specialty)
  • Simple mechanical assists
  • Prototype design and fabrication
  • Automatic assembly and QC machines
  • Incorporation of Visual Basic operator interfaces
  • High volume data collection, storage, analysis and presentation
  • Custom machining and welding, including exotic metals

CVM is also engaged in multi-year contracts with a Fortune 500 company to fabricate, stock and supply all spare parts for all custom machines in their world-wide plant network.

This wide variety of projects and contracts is a direct result of many years of satisfying relationships with customers who have grown to have tremendous faith in the abilities and integrity of CVM.