CVM’s team is what’s kept us successful since 1990.  Each employee proudly contributes specialized talents and experience that allow us to offer high tech, innovative solutions to customers with all kinds of technical challenges.  CVM is small enough to give you prompt, personal attention, yet large enough to quickly allocate significant resources on any project.

Creative People

bob-cropped Bob Switek

Bob, Founder and President of CVM, graduated from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering in 1972. He held several engineering positions with Clorox, Thiokol, Union Carbide, and Bechtel before beginning his consulting practice in the late 1970’s. In 1991, he founded CVM and continues to lead and manage the company in addition to designing and building custom machines.
toby Toby Switek
Vice President

Toby joined CVM with 10 years of business development, administration, and marketing experience in a variety of industries.  He oversees the administrative side of CVM as well as manages various projects and focuses on maintaining and developing new partnerships with vendors and customers.
Tim Pletschet
Engineering Manager

Tim brings over 35 years of experience building and designing, precision instruments and automation equipment for the semi-conductor, disk drive, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. His creative approach to problem solving and design come from the ability to draw on his unique experience starting out as a precision machinist, then moving to his career as an engineer.  With 4 US patents and professional success in a wide range of industries, Tim allows CVM to confidently partner with businesses to navigate custom solutions to challenging problems.
albert-martinez Albert Martinez
Sr. Controls/Electrical Engineer

Albert graduated from San Jose State University in Electrical Engineering in 1983.   30+ years of extensive diverse experience designing, automating, and integrating wire and wireless, intrinsically-safe, fail-safe, and explosion-proof PLC-HMI-SCADA Instrumentation and Controls Systems; in the following industries: water & wastewater treatment plants; petrochemical pipelines, refineries, and fuel loading terminals; mining; medical X-Ray scanners; military; airports; communications; security; vending machines; fruit labelers; printer inkjet cartridge fillers; textiles; dumb waiters; fly simulators, explosive simulators, rocket elevation simulators; nuclear power plants, rock crushers.
Justin Osborn
Electro-Mechanical Technician

Justin joined CVM with experience and passion in automation.  He has experience as a Navy technician deployed overseas working on helicopter electronical systems, and domestically has worked in facilities using electromechanical controls which he’s both maintained and advanced.  He’s lead teams of technicians responsible for keeping lines safe and operational, as well as developed systems to execute proactive maintenance and upgrades.  Justin has experience programing a range of plc’s, panel wiring, troubleshooting mechanical and electrical problems, and metal fabrication.
Prashant Ghaiy
Mechanical Engineer

Prashant graduated from UCR in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and concentration in design and manufacturing of mechanisms.  There, among other accomplishments, he held a key role in leading the formula SAE race car powertrain team to competition, marking the school’s second attempt in the school’s history.  His passion for engineering and design along with a genuine thirst for knowledge and collaborative attitude makes him a strong asset to engineering team.
Doug Fahrney
Shop Manager

Doug has over 40 years of experience in the shop environment. He has considerable experience in manual and CNC machining and programming. He has spent the last 10 years managing the Clorox R&D shop, responsible for difficult, unique experimental parts as well as fabrication of parts used in production machines. His duties at CVM include responsibility for the day to day management of the machine shop, CNC programming, machining, scheduling, planning and estimating.
Mig and Tig Welding Paul Widergren
Fabrication Project Manager

Paul is the fabrication shop lead-man: Another multi-talented craftsman with excellent skills in welding, sheet metal and fabrication. He is also skilled in fabrication design; competent in both AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Paul has been with CVM since 1995.
Marty Turkington

Marty has been a metal worker since 1972. He is a fine craftsman with a wide range of skills, including journeyman machinist, welder, fabricator, and woodworker. Marty has been with CVM since 1996.
Mike Berezovsky
Sr. Machinist/CNC Programmer

Mike is a journeyman machinist.  He has extensive experience as a precision machinist, tool & die maker and R&D experimental machinist.  His broad experience allows CVM to continue innovating through our challenging projects.
Cory Alden

Cory started with CVM in 2006 as a shop helper.  He then successfully completed CVM’s machinist apprenticeship program, and is now at a journeyman level and an integral part of the shop.  He spends most of his time operating manual and CNC mills and lathes as well as assembling tools and machines.

 Doreen Fanua

Administrative Assistant 

Doreen joined CVM in 2014.   She is your first point of contact when walking into CVM.    Doreen provides administrative support to the CVM team.

 Chad Felipe
Machine Operator 

Chad has been part of the CVM team since 2012.  He spends him time operating CNC and manual mills and lathes.  Chad also helps assembling machines and mechanical mechanisms
 Anthony Basso
Shop Helper 

Anthony started CVM working part-time helping out around the shop.  His drive to learn new skills earned him a full time role and has made him a valuable team member now capable of assembling machines, welding, and machining.  He plans to stay on with CVM while attending Jr. College after graduating high school.
Carlos Gonzalez
Shop Helper 

Carlos is a new member to the team, interested in learning the welding trade.  He’s a graduate of highschool and is enrolled in welding classes at Los Positas.  While learning how to weld, Carlos helps out with a wide range of jobs at CVM, from mechanical assembly, to QC, to driving, to whatever else is needed.