Fast & Accurate
Robust Construction
Easy to Maintain

Fabric Saturators

Our Saturators are industrial strength fabric impregnators.  The models below are standard sizes and construction type, but we can customize by request. Typically, these are used with resin products to transform fiberglass and carbon fiber into pre-preg fabrics used for construction reinforcement and waterproofing.

For fast & accurate FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) preparation

Optional Air Powered for 50 feet per minute @ 80 psi

Accurately distributes resin across fabric, eliminates waste!

Robust construction with little to no maintenance required

Safe Guarding (powered only)


Ease of Use

Designed for easy maintenance.

Easy to Clean

Designed for ease of clean up.


Robust Construction


Industry Standards

2 standard sizes to accommodate 50″ or 36″ material. Custom sizes available by request, lead time and cost may change.

Standard Rollers

Standard 7″ nip rollers.

Simple Control

Forward and Reverse operation (powered only).

View a full specification sheet and operating manual


"My QC team put aside all their other tools as soon as the FruitFirm arrived, they LOVE it."

Oregon Cherry Packer, USA

"It's fast, reliable, and super easy to use. We know we can trust the numbers and anyone can run it"

California Cherry Packer, USA

"Oh yeah! It sizes."

California Cherry Packer, USA

"We bought several FruitFirm 1000's to replace our Firmtechs. They are reliable, easy to calibrate, and a VERY welcome upgrade to our QC shed."

Washington Cherry Packer, USA

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