We’re always looking for quality people.  If you want to work for us, we want to know who you are.  Please feel free to send unsolicited emails to Toby at tobyswitek@cvmcvm.com with a resume and what you’re interested in doing.

Current openings:


Electrical & Mechanical Technician

We are looking for an experienced Electrical and Mechanical Technician to join our fast paced team. We have been successfully building custom equipment for Bay Area tech, medical, foods, and home products companies for over 30 years. We have a full machine/fab shop and build what we design. Average projects last 1 to 4 months from design to delivery, with 5-10 design projects active at any one time. Our variety of work and pace keeps it interesting.

General job description / Required abilities

  • Build and wire machine control panels, mostly low voltage
  • Assembly of electromechanical equipment, including sensors, motors, and controllers
  • Plumb pneumatic controls
  • Test and troubleshoot completed equipment
  • Simple Metalwork
  • Read and interpret electrical drawings

Good personnel and communication skills, both written and verbal

Able to work as a valuable team member

Additional valuable experience

  • Metal Fabrication experience, including welding, forming, and machining
  • Troubleshoot and repair mechanical, Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment including PLC’s, power supplies, motor starters, frequency drives, sensors and gauges, and test equipment.
  • Installation and machine maintenance at customer’s site
  • Basic Panel design – layout, wiring and bill of materials.
  • Create wiring diagrams, by hand or CAD