FruitFirm® 1000, fruit firmness and size inspector.

Launched spring 2017

 The FruitFirm™ 1000 is an industrial grade tool that reads the size and firmness of fruit automatically at 40 units per minute.  The machine is self contained with a 7″ touch screen display.  It has memory to collect data internally or can be networked (wirelessly or wired) to automatically dump to a server.  Sturdy construction guarantees years of maintenance free operation.


  • 40 Units per minute
  • Uses onboard computer, no additional equipment needed
  • Dual read stations for operator ease
  • 7″ touch screen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • USB port for direct data dump to thumb drive
  • Firmness accuracy of +or- 1%
  • Size accuracy of +or- 0.5%
  • Delivered for use with Cherries & Blueberries, other fruit upon request.

$8,000 ea.

Ultimate Fruit Inspector™