Recently commissioned 6 axis ABB robot for Zume Pizza to unload pizzas from an oven and place into racks. 

Excited to be partnered with these guys.

It’s not often we can showcase our work due to IP constraints, but here’s a great opportunity!  Click here to see the article.






CVM’s highly skilled and multi-disciplined team designs and builds projects all under one roof, resulting in your satisfaction, faster delivery, and lower costs. Whether you need parts built to print, prototypes or complex electro-mechanical machinery, CVM has the talent and resources to provide you with high quality craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Lab AutomationBattery Operated Lab EquipmentAutomated Gas Heating and Mixing StationLab Automation - In Progress

  • Simple Mechanical Assists
  • Custom Robotics
  • Automatic Data Collection, Analysis, and Storage
  • PC Interfaces
  • Installation and Maintenance

AdvantagesLab Analysis EquipmentLiquid DispenseAutomated Lab Equipment

  • Better Control of Variables
  • More Reliable and Accurate Data
  • Free Personnel from Routine Lab Procedures
  • Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI)

*Free lab consultation to help identify possible automation opportunities

Creative  —  Experienced  —  Fast

Automated Production EquipmentShellStillCAD DesignHigh Spear Broccoli Spear Cutting Machine

  • Automated Assembly
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Foods Processing
  • Bottling
  • Conveyors

System Integration

    • InspectiBottle Capper & Gaurdingon StationsMedical Production Equipment


  • Material handling
  • Add process to existing line
  • Specialized modification

Industries Served
Medical — Automotive — Foods
Home Products — Beverage — Agriculture

*25 Years Experience Building New and Modifying existing Capital Equipment

PrototypesPrototype Rotary Lab Testing EquipmentPrototype Custom Production LathePrototype Foods Inspection Station - in progress

  • For customer feedback
  • For management presentation
  • Creative solutions
  • Quick Turn
  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototype Products

FixturesInstron ToolingManual Assembly ToolManual Assembly Tool

  • Quality control fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures & manual tools
  • Tooling fixtures
  • Instron fixtures & tooling
  • CMM Fixtures

Equipment ModificationsFiller UpgradeSmall Web Handling Machine Lab Environment - Washing Machine Automation

  • Modify and update existing capital equipment
  • Stock equipment modifications
  • Custom equipment modifications
  • Machinery maintenance


Semi-Automated EquipmentPneumatic Production ToolPneumatic Assembly PressManual Assembly Tool

  • Improve production speed
  • Safety controls, RMI
  • Non powered options
  • Minimize operator error
  • Reduce labor requirements


ProgrammingPanel Vew ProgrammingAllen Bradley Programming IMG_1428

  • PLC Programming – Allen Bradley and CTC specialists
  • PC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Data Collection & Processing
  • Servo and Stepper programming
  • Upgrades and System Migration